About Avonlea

Welcome to Avonlea in Fardume, Rute.

Our newly built country home has a bird’s-eye view to the south and west overlooking fields and meadows towards Fardume Lake, a designated bird reserve. The nearby marshes, grass and hedgerows provide a perfect haven for a multitude of birds and other wildlife like foxes, hares and even the occasional roe deer. The panoramic vista over the lake with the tower of medieval Hellvi church in the distance is enhanced by glorious sunsets and the call of cranes and geese. The seasons each have their distinctive charm and colours that are mirrored in the ever-changing surface of the lake. We also have a number of historic monuments in the neighbourhood such as stone graves from the Bronze Age, ship graves from the Iron Age and our local medieval church, Rute church built in the 12th century, as well as the remains of a medieval manor right next door!

I’m your hostess, Luella, a retired organic dairy farmer. The property here at Fardume consists of 8.5 ha arable land which is rented to Jonas, the dairy farmer who now runs the operation at Alvans, and 25 ha of natural grazing land where Jonas pastures his heifers, dry cows and sheep enabling us to meet the EU criteria for biodiversity. The horse paddock and house grounds as well as 18 ha of forest near the coast complete the holdings. I have three Connemara ponies, Clover, my Border Collie and Viola, my cat.

If no holiday would be complete without your pets, we also offer accommodation for your horse and dog! And I’ll be delighted to tell you about all the interesting things you can see on walks/rides in the neighbourhood.

Be sure and try a jar of Avonlea honey from my bees that collect nectar from the meadows here in Fardume.