There is plenty of choice in bathing beaches close to Avonlea: Valleviken beach and harbour, 1 km, Husken 2 km, Furillen 5 km, Kyllaj, 5 km, Hide 8 km, St. Olofsholm 10 km, Smöjen 8 km, Blå Lagunen 10 km.

Here in Rute there are several cafés and restaurants, as well as artisans and farm boutiques selling their products. Read more about them at

Ewy’s Museum, our local historical museum, has a wonderful exhibition of minature scenes depicting the conditions of people working in stone quarries and farms in northern Gotland. Look at the pictures here…

RuteLederUte, Scenic Trails in Rute
There is now a map with suggestions for biking, riding, walking or paddling routes so that guests and residents can more easily find trails and roads offering a wide variety of scenery and cultural and historical places in the parish of Rute. Check website here…

Bus service on line 22 from Visby to Fårösund runs frequently with stops along route 148, at Rute church and once daily in Valleviken. See: Kollektivtrafiken – Region Gotland

There are 3 larger centres close to Rute.

Slite, about 20 km. with a drug store, liquor store, ATM, fuel station, Handelsbanken, Swedbank, grocery stores, hardware store, veterinary clinic, health clinic, library, cinema, present shop, flower shop and hairdresser, sandy beach, tennis courts and 18-hole golf course. Read more about Slite at,

Lärbro, about 13 km, with a grocery store, gas station, restaurant, cafés, gym, green grocers, and Military Hospital museum. Read more about Lärbro at,,

Fårösund, about 15 km, with a grocery store with drug and alcohol delivery, ATM, Bungemuseet – an excellent open-air historical museum, restaurants, cinema, gas station, dentist, sports center with gym and indoor swimming pool, car rentals, bicycle rentals, present shop, library, ferry to Fårö (free of charge). Read more about Fårösund at and,

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