Trail riding

On our trail rides we ride along quiet country roads and forest trails in the neighbourhood, experiencing the scenery and cultural history of Gotland first hand. Bring your camera!

Both adult and youth riders must be accustomed to handling horses in different gaits outdoors on natural trails.

Minimum age limit 13 years old, max. weight 80 kg.
Max. 2 persons plus guide.

All excursion times include saddling and unsaddling the horses. Helmets and safety vests available and mandatory. Wear shoes with a heel. Bring a water bottle!

You can choose between a shorter ride nearby and longer excursions to the coast and seastack areas at Husken or Lergrav, complete with an afternoon coffee break or lunch on the pier.

My horse family consists of the grand old lady Miranda IV RC 946, a pedigreed Connemara, born 1994-06-23 ue Gnistan RC 629 e Gräns Ruben RC 67, and her two sons, Mackenzie, born 2004-05-14 e Janus RC 71, and Freckles Macguire born 2010-05-19, a crossbred e Frekles Flit Bar (Quarterhorse).

All riders must have personal insurance coverage as our insurance does NOT cover personal injuries.